Free Online International Peer Support

We offer different forms of support: practical and peer. Find out which one is right for you.

In Person Group Support

We aim to provide local, confidential and free or donations-based therapeutic services in English and German for desisters and detransitioners in our discreet office in Berlin, Germany. 

In person peer support groups

Group support is a powerful tool to share experiences with others who can relate to your own experience and lessen the shame that comes when one feels alienated and alone. 

The Group setting provides a safe, structured and non-judgmental space where we have the opportunity to confront and work on our patterns and negative self-beliefs by seeing them reflected in the mirror of the group. 

Each group size will be limited so please enquire first to see if you may be a suitable candidate for a therapy group.


Certain topics are especially relevant to someone undergoing detransition and workshops are a perfect forum to learn tools for ongoing recovery. Workshops offered cover such topics as self-care, grief, body acceptance, creativity and recovery mindset. Workshops provide a space for people to come together, learn new things and develop community.

Practical support

For people who may want to access support but are not local to Berlin we offer a range of other practical services. On our resources page we offer book and information recommendations that are relevant to detransition, mental health and recovery. 

If you are struggling to access therapy there are things that you can do to improve your mental health. We strongly believe that self-help can be a powerful tool to build resilience, improve your life quality and facilitate a healing journey.

On our blog we aim to offer psychoeducation, worksheets, tips and a place to discuss topics relevant to the community. Please feel free to comment and interact with us. Sharing is caring!

Free Online International Peer Support

With years of experience working in addiction and eating disorder recovery our therapists know how important peer support is. This is not therapy but rather an online space for people to come together and share their experiences in the hope that they can feel less alone. We offer bi monthly online and in-person peer support groups that anyone can access from any part of the world. If you are interested in taking part in the group please email us to find out more.

Life Detransitions is an outpatient service which may not be suitable to support all mental health challenges. Please contact us to find out more about whether Life Detransitions would be a suitable service for your individual needs.