gender dysphoria

What It Means To Be Transgender With Em Cook.

Let’s take a moment for wisdom and contemplation. Em had the opportunity to follow what her therapist and everyone else were telling her to do-start her medical transition to be a man or go to Nepal and study Buddhism.

She was forced to confront this issue: “If the mind has no characteristics then what does it exactly mean to be transgender?” Wow. This simple yet profound question threw the whole transgender question into disarray for her. Em questioned the boxes she put herself in and the boxes she put others in too and the suffering that was causing her. She speaks about using buddhism to heal (or live with) her gender dysphoria and accept the suffering of her life, letting go of the false perception that once she puts herself in a nice little box, she will be happy.

This isn’t to say this is the path for everyone, just something to contemplate.

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