Please don’t forget that #DetransAwarenessDay is on March 12, this coming Saturday. The reason why we should listen to detransitioners is because their experiences might help others who feel lost and alone, and who believe that medical and social transition is the only solution to their distress. It might help them reflect and understand their own situation better, ultimately helping them to assess what help they might need in order to make sure they don’t end up being one of the regretters.

Another reason is for clinicians. If we are going to improve the quality of care for gender questioning youth then we need to learn from people who have been failed from an affirmative approach. We should always be asking questions about what we can be doing better, what we are missing and what we need to know and understand in order to protect vulnerable young people. This is an amazing opportunity.

Another important reason is for the truth. When you support detransitioners, you support those who refuse to be silenced and allow them to have a voice against those who would seek to silence them.

Here are a few ideas that could help raise awareness for this phenomenon.

  • Mention to a friend that there are people who regret transition
  • Watch some detransition stories and timelines on Youtube
  • Get to know some detransitioner accounts on twitter such as @Imwatson91, @lacroicsz, @lifedetrans, @oatsandmag
  • Attend the @Genspect Webinar that starts at 8pm GMT. Tickets can be bought here

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