About us

Welcome to Life Detransitions, a psychotherapeutic support service for questioners, desisters and detransitioners based in Berlin, Germany. 

Life Detransitions started in response to a growing number of individuals discovering that transition has not been the solution to their mental suffering and who want to continue their journey of self discovery.  

This does not mean that we don’t recognize that there are individuals for whom transition is the right decision and we fully support and recognize the rights and existence of trans people.

Currently there is a lack of understanding and clinical support for detransitioners from the psychotherapeutic profession and from society at large and we aim to challenge this by providing clinical knowledge, practical support, a recovery focus and a safe space free from judgments or attacks.

We are committed to good ethical practice, which means we have no political or ideological agenda. We recognize and respect the rights, integrity, and autonomy of each individual.

Life is full of suffering and there are no easy solutions when it comes to mental health and self-reconstruction. We hope that at Life Detransitions we can contribute something meaningful for anyone on the path of learning to live and thrive as themselves.


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Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break.

— William Shakespeare